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Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I have a warranty?
    Due to the complexities of complying with the Federal warranty law, Grundhauser Gun works does not offer a written warranty. We continue to stand behind our products and services, and to care for our customers, but we cannot make guarantees or warranties of any kind. For over 20 years, we have strived to provide complete customer satisfaction, it is the corner stone of Grundhauser Gun Works. We want every experience you have in dealing with us to be pleasant and rewarding. This is why our customers will tell you we have the best service policy and customer service in the firearms industry. Dealing with Grundhauser Gun Works will be a very positive experience for YOU!
  2. Why commercial plating and not painted (cerakote, duracoat) finish?
    Your guns final appearance is based on two factors. The surface treatment it receives and then the exterior top-coat or plating. These exterior coatings are either "Plated" or "Applied" finishes. Plated finishes are just that. Metallic particles applied through electricity to bond to the basic metal or alloy of the firearm. Applied finishes are sprayed above a pre-bonding layer onto the firearm and cured or hardened by heat. Unfortunately the applied or painted finish is only for cosmetics and mostly far too thick to allow proper operation of a truly precision fit firearm. It's useful in applications where one would like to reduce felt sloppiness or just present a unique look.
  3. Can I order a Grundhauser Gun Works 1911 from the state of California?
    No, Not at this time.
  4. Can I get a custom engraving?
    Yes, We can perform custom engraving but will require a .DXF file or we can convert a black on white line drawing to .DXF for you.
  5. Do you perform gunsmith operations?
    No, we do not perform gunsmith operations at this time.
  6. What is your current lead time?
    Average time to build and deliver your custom firearm is 20-28 months, some custom options and finishes take extra time.
  7. What makes you different?
    Master Craftsman, Paul Grundhausers’ approach to building a custom firearm is to take the time to fit each part ideally and precisely to the firearm. There is no assembly line at Grundhauser Gun Works; each firearm is built one at a time to specifications obtained over the past 28 years of building and testing in his industries. These firearms are hand crafted with a degree of precision unmatched in today’s market providing flawless performance. Grundhauser Gun Works selects the best quality bar stock steel and heat treats to ideal hardness for all of its components. The frames and slides are machined for extreme precision on our own CNC, EDM equipment and hand fit to the tightest tolerances in the industry. The barrels are cut precisely to mate with the slide, squarely and without play for unparalleled accuracy.
  8. Can you lighten slides or make cosmetic alterations?
    Yes, Although our competition pistols are already machined for optimum performance and weight ratios, we do acknowledge the trend in cosmetic lightening. Please contact us to discuss the Pro's & Con's of your application.
  9. Does Hard Chrome rust?
    Yes. Hard Chrome plating, also known as Industrial Chrome is applied to ferrous and nonferrous materials to improve wear and abrasion resistance, reduce friction, prevent seizing and galling. Its main purpose is for wear not aesthetics. With hard chrome, there is no copper or nickle base and is only 0.0002 thick, this may display some effects of discoloration. As with other industrial treatments, Black Oxide, Parkerizing, Bluing, and even stainless steel used on firearms (if its magnetic like a 400 series, your barrel) all are susceptible to corrosion and is only enhanced by use or wear.
  10. Do you export?
    No. We do not export our firearms at this time
If you need an aswer to a question that is not on this page, please fill out this form and send your request. We try very hard to answer the emails promtly but we spend most of the day machining and building your new firearm.