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Frequently asked questions

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    Do you perform engraving?
    Yes, We can perform custom engraving but will require a .DXF file or we can convert a black on white line drawing to .DXF for you.
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    What about a warranty?
    Due to the complexities of complying with the Federal warranty law, Grundhauser Gun works does not offer a written warranty. We continue to stand behind our products and services, and to care for our customers, but we cannot make guarantees or warranties of any kind. For over 25 years, we have strived to provide complete customer satisfaction, it is the corner stone of Grundhauser Gun Works. We want every experience you have in dealing with us to be pleasant and rewarding. This is why our customers will tell you we have the best service policy and customer service in the firearms industry. Dealing with Grundhauser Gun Works will be a very positive experience for YOU!
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    Why commercial plating and not painted (cerakote, duracoat) finish?
    Your guns final appearance is based on two factors. The surface treatment it receives and then the exterior top-coat or plating. These exterior coatings are either "Plated" or "Applied" finishes. Plated finishes are just that. Metallic particles applied through electricity to bond to the basic metal or alloy of the firearm. Applied finishes are sprayed above a pre-bonding layer onto the firearm and cured or hardened by heat. Unfortunately the applied or painted finish is only for cosmetics and mostly far too thick to allow proper operation of a truly precision fit firearm. It's useful in applications where one would like to reduce felt sloppiness or just present a unique look.
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    What is your lead time?
    We are currently delivering firearms in 5 months.
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    Can I order a Grundhauser Gun Works 1911 from the state of California?
    No, Not at this time.
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    Do you perform gunsmithing opperations?
    Yes, When time pertains. Please call or email us with your application.
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