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Paul Grundhauser


  ​I started shooting at age 5 but it wasn't until the mid 1980's that things got interesting for me. I joined a local range and soon after shot my first USPSA league match and was hooked ever since. I have been in and out of competition shooting over the years balancing business, family and hobbies which can be difficult at times but after 28 years in business I get to work with some of the best people in the world!
I have been involved in competitive shooting since 1987 beginning with matches in USPSA, then branching out to NRA Action Pistol, Masters Tournament, Chevy Truck Challenge, NRA Bullseye Pistol, and National Sporting Clays.

During that time some of my notable wins include:
USPSA National Champion
IPSC International Champion (Sweden)
Masters International Champion
High Military World Speed Shooting Championship
Top 5 at the NRA Bianchi Cup
NRA Distinguished Pistol

Numerous State and Regional level Championships, to include most recently:
2015 Single Stack Overall, Indiana State Championship
2015 Single Stack 2nd Overall, Double Tap Championship
2015 Single Stack 3rd overall (1st Master) Battle in the Bluegrass Championship
2015 Match Winner, Friends of the NRA
2015 Single Stack Nationals, 21st overall
2015 Production Nationals, 42nd overall
Single Stack Champion at Area 5 Championships, 2014
2nd Overall Missouri State Fall Classic, 2013
Merle Edington
Team Shooter
"I also attend a few charity matches throughout the year that support local Law Enforcement, and I am actively involved with the Crime Stoppers Kansas City charity.
My background in shooting began in 1994 with me competing in IDPA. I then began shooting NRA bullseye competition a year later. My first taste of USPSA came in 2003. I was a bit intimidated at first with the skill levels of the USPSA shooters. I started competing in USPSA with a single stack 45 compact in L-10 division. I quickly realized that I wanted to go faster, so I jumped head-first into a limited pistol built by SVI. It was a nice pistol for sure. I moved onto a 6” pistol built by Howard Smith and it too was a nice pistol. I used the 6” pistol for a few years, and then I had the privilege of holding onto my first Grundhauser pistol. I was extremely impressed with the fit and finish of the pistol. If that wasn’t enough, I then saw what tiny little groups these pistols could produce. I knew I had to have one. Paul built me a 6” limited gun that rapidly moved me up the classification scale. Paul built me a limited gun specifically to use while I helped represent the USA in the 2014 IPSC World shoot. I am always extremely impressed with the quality product that Paul puts out. My latest Grundhauser is the ECHO 9mm major open pistol. I can say enough good things about his product. I have the piece of mind that wherever I put that dot or front site, the bullet will find that EXACT spot. There is never ANY worries about the accuracy of Paul’s firearms. I have had many other brands of firearms and some are very good. However, I am convinced Paul Grundhauser is a genius gun builder who’s attention to detail is unmatched in the gun making business.
Steven Zerwas
Team Shooter
"My background in shooting began in 1994 with me competing in IDPA. I then began shooting NRA bullseye competition a year later. My first taste of USPSA came in 2003.
John Koppi
What can I say, I compete in all disciplines and shoot for one of the best company's around, Grundhauser Gun Works
Team Shooter
"I usually say something witty but forgot.
Frank Skog
I got my start in handling firearms serving in the Gunnery division on the USS Sonohomish County LST-1126 while cruising the coast and inland rivers of Viet Nam.  This included firing and maintaining the M1 Garand, the M1 carbine, the 1911 pistol, the Thompson submachine gun, as well as .30 and .50 caliber machine guns among others.  Of course, none of those compare to squeezing the firing key to shoot a dual 40mm Bofors gun!

I started competitive USPSA shooting in the summer of 2004 in the then popular Lim10 division with a Mil Spec Springfield Armory 1911 and Blazer ammo.  The cost of .45 ammo and the nuisance of finding and cleaning multiple magazines after each stage finally prompted a move to the dark side.  Open.  I now shoot a really nice Grundhauser 9mm Open gun, and for a change of pace, a 9mm six inch Limited gun.
Team Shooter
"I now shoot a really nice Grundhauser 9mm Open gun
Nathan Payne
I am working on this
Team Shooter
"I am working on this too
Nicolas Grundhauser
Team Shooter
I love shooting my .22 guns and compete in the steel challenges when possible. I have won 2nd place junior 2 times.
"Its great being able to shoot with my Dad
Logan Grundhauser
I like going out and shooting at the range when my dad practices, which is almost never now.
Team Shooter
"Its simple for me, point shoot A's